We are often asked if we provide drywall disposal. Due to the restrictions surrounding safety and asbestos issues we must be sure that the walls and materials we are handling do not contain any asbestos minerals. To ensure that they don’t, we need to check that the walls have a valid date stamp that is after 1990. If not, they will need to be tested prior to removal.

Asbestos exposure is the number one killer of workers in British Columbia and therefore we need to exercise caution. Many sites in the Vancouver area test positive for asbestos.

In the case that your property falls into this category, you will need to have the materials tested by trained and qualified professionals. We recommend North West Environmental or AREC Environmental. Once we have the documentation that your pre-1990s property is free of asbestos, we are more than happy to dispose of the drywall for you.

There are a number of sites in the Vancouver area that test for Asbestos. We always want to keep you and our workers safe.

For more information concerning asbestos, take a look at these videos from Work Safe BC.

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