Office Clearance

At Doug’s Rubbish Removal, when it comes to office clearing, we understand that our commercial clients have different requirements than our residential customers do. Whether you’re looking to have your entire workplace cleaned out or for only certain items to be cleared, no job is too big or complicated for us to handle.

Our Vancouver office clearance company is the best hassle-free option for removing no-longer needed furnishings and items of all sizes from your office. Whether you have lots of clutter in your office or one heavy object that needs to be removed, we understand that it can be a nightmare to de-clutter your workplace. Let us take that burden off of your shoulders and deal with all of the little things while you sit back and relax.

Are you moving out of your office? We’re happy to help you vacate faster by doing away with your old workplace junk including furniture and electronic removal. With our extensive service, up-front costs and convenient scheduling, you won’t need to worry about anything! Simply leave your objects where they are, give us the instructions, and we’ll get rid of them right away.

We understand, at Doug’s Rubbish Removal, that one of the hardest things when clearing out an office is getting rid of the cubicles. They can be extremely heavy and very difficult to maneuver. That’s where we come in!

When you call our Vancouver junk removal company, we can remove any office messes and your anxiety. Whether you’re transferring to a brand-new workplace or just getting new furniture or cubicles, Doug’s Rubbish Removal will come to your office and remove any furniture or fixtures without inconveniencing you or your surroundings.

When you require an office clearance, we can deliver the items either to your new workplace or get rid of them responsibly by recycling, donating, or disposing of them were appropriate. So, when you’re prepared to have your workplace cleared, contact us immediately.

We have all of the devices, tools, and professional workers required for carrying away all sizes and shapes of furniture, waste, or rubbish from your office. Let us make your lives a little easier by clearing out your office today! Contact us for further information or to receive a precise estimate immediately

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Certified For TDG (Transportation Of Dangerous Goods) and Liability Insured and Drywall Testing

Doug is one of the only Junk Removal businesses that has “Commercial Liability Insurance, WCB Coverage & Safety Program”