Doug’s Rubbish Removal can help you with all of your furniture disposal needs.

Have you recently purchased new furniture for your home and are excited to set it up as soon as possible? It happens to all of us, we purchase what we’re looking for without thinking about how to get rid of our existing furniture! This can often bring forth a bit of panic when the delivery guy shows up and we have no where to put the new addition. Don’t fret though, this is an easily preventable situation with the help of Doug’s Rubbish Removal.

Whether you’ve recently purchased some new furniture accents, are redecorating your living room, or simply cleaning out your basement, attic, or garage, we are here to solve your furniture disposal problems. Getting rid of old furniture yourself can often be a daunting and exhausting task. It’s not only that you have to maneuver the pieces out of your home, but you need to figure out what to do with them! On top of that, they often don’t fit in your vehicle and you can’t put them out with your weekly garbage collection.

Doug’s Rubbish Removal will take a variety of furniture, from sofas to wooden pieces, mattresses to box springs, and much more. We are typically able to donate you dispose of, so you can relax, knowing that we are doing everything we can to keep your furniture from the landfill!

No job is too big or too little for us, so whether it’s simply one chair and one couch or an entire office full of furniture, we will come fully prepared to get the task done on time and efficiently. We’ll even bring a broom to clean up afterwards!

Take a look at some of the furniture we can dispose of:

  • Beds
  • Bed mattress
  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Cabinets
  • Hutches
  • China Cabinets
  • Patio area Furniture
  • Workout Equipment
  • Couches
  • Love Seats
  • Pullout Couches
  • Boxsprings
  • Televisions
  • Sofa Beds
  • Tables
  • Desks
  • Wall Units
  • …and much more!

If you find yourself surrounded by unwanted furniture at your home or business, we are here to help! At Doug’s Rubbish Removal, we want to help you make your living environment—and life—more organized. Our goal is to care for all your disposal needs so that you don’t have to. We make it as simple as we can on you.

We’ll do whatever it requires to eliminate your furnishings, without you having to lift a finger. Simply contact us today for further information!

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Doug works with:

  • Government Agencies
  • Property Management Companies
  • Health Care Facilities

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