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Our Services

At Doug’s Rubbish Removal, we provide all levels of service. Everything from simple single item pick-ups to construction and corporate jobs. We have all the necessary equipment to tackle your rubbish needs! Many people think they cannot recycle heavy materials removed from their homes during a renovation. However, many recycling programs accept used building materials like metals, wiring, glass, plastic, and brick. Why lose time and energy collecting, arranging and moving products to the curb or loading dock? We provide prompt, reliable junk elimination, disposal, and recycling services across Vancouver. Your time is valuable, so we ensure a pick-up time that is convenient for you. Doug’s Rubbish Removal offers property and industrial garbage elimination throughout the greater Vancouver area. Our rates consist of loading of materials from anywhere on your property, and a comprehensive clean-up at the end of the task. We recycle approximately 60% of all the junk we get rid of! Here are some of the things we do: We take pride in our customer service. Consistently showing up at the scheduled appointment time, our customers merely describe the items that need to be removed and our courteous team will do all the heavy-lifting, hauling and clearing everything for you! Electronic or e-waste, scrap metal, home appliances, carefully used furniture, drywall and building waste, and concrete can all be recycled or donated. That is why we recycle up to 60% off all our loads and we are working hard to enhance that portion every day. Scraps from a renovation can be reused in landscaping: small pieces of concrete can be reused as landscaping stones and salvaged wood can be transformed into chipping for plant beds. Fixtures such as boarding, moulding, windows, floor and ceiling tiles, doorknobs and drawer pulls are sometimes considered vintage or antique. They can also be given away. Salvage stores may want to buy some of the items or neighbors with a similar house may want to use the items in their own remodeling project. Once people have renovated their home, they usually will outfit it with new appliances and furniture. Instead of throwing away old chairs, tables, microwaves, stoves, and refrigerators, people should opt for selling or donating them. There are several places online where these items can be sold or they can be donated to charity or second-hand stores. Some second-hand stores will even come and pick up the items. Once our professional junk removal Vancouver experts arrive on-site, our customers can simply point to the items that need to be removed and we will make them disappear! All of our prices include labour and disposal costs to make for the easiest junk disposal in Vancouver. At Doug’s Rubbish Removal, we help all of our customers declutter their homes and businesses to free up valuable space! Simply contact us today!

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Certified For TDG (Transportation Of Dangerous Goods) and Liability Insured and Drywall Testing

Doug is one of the only Junk Removal businesses that has “Commercial Liability Insurance, WCB Coverage & Safety Program”