Garage Clearance

Does this sound familiar? Your garage is packed full of junk that you haven’t even thought about in years? The truth is, most of our garages are so full of things we don’t use anymore. At Doug’s Rubbish Removal, we offer an easy one-stop option for clearing any size of garage of anything from gardening tools, to the bikes you no longer use, to everything you’ve got in there!

No matter the shape or size of your garage, we’re here to help. At Doug’s Rubbish Removal, we offer easy and effective garage clearance solutions throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

We completely understand that garage cleaning and organizing is not hassle-free work; it eats up a lot of time and takes up a lot energy. At the beginning, it often looks like a simple task, but once you get started, the headaches keep coming!  On top of that, your garage may contain grease stains, hazardous chemicals, and lots of other waste products, which can be dangerous if not managed with great care.

Whether you’re emptying an entire garage or merely clearing a little bit of area for yourself, our garage clearance services allow you to make the process as basic and straightforward as possible! We gather waste from anywhere in and around your garage. As soon as the products have been disposed of and your garage has been completely cleared, we will ensure proper disposal of all products at licensed transfer stations.

Our professional team members are well-trained and experienced in carrying out clearances promptly, effectively, and safely. We constantly arrive on time and provide an accurate quote prior beginning any work. We will take great care during the procedure, ensuring that nothing of value is ruined or harmed. You can simply sit back and watch the process being done!

By utilizing our Doug’s Rubbish Removal services to clear your garage, you’ll not only be making your life easier, you’ll also minimize your risk of both injury. We know your friends will thank you too—as you won’t need to be calling on them for any favours!

Unlike typical junk disposal and garage clearance companies, at Doug’s Rubbish Removal, our professional team will do all the heavy-lifting and loading, conduct your garage clearance with compassion, and finish the job quickly, so you can figure out exactly what to do with your newly cleared space! For further information, simply contact us today!

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